Interpretation of the SAP profiles shows that the margin can be described in terms of three distinct volcanic sequences. The oceanic sequence comprises oceanic crust within which structurally different seaward dipping dipping reflectors are developed. This sequence is associated with the reconstructed positions of anomalies 23 and 24B, and is interpreted as having formed during a period of subaerial seafloor spreading.

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AMD sent out review samples of the 8 GB variant, and to enable reviews to also put up reviews of the 4 GB variant, it sent a special BIOS that converts the 8 GB card to 4 GB, by reducing its address space and memory clocks, perfectly simulating the 4 GB variant. AMD’s claims of 4 GB cards with 8 GB physical memory being restricted to review samples was proven false when early adopters of retail 4 GB cards discovered eight Samsung 8 Gbit memory chips on their card amounting to 8 GB. We currently have an AIB partner branded retail 4 GB Radeon RX 480 card which we bought online (invoice posted) steroids, and which we’re using to prepare our 4 GB RX 480 review.

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